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A serene living room with tall windows, overlooking a cornfield

Created a marketing system to power 40 unique markets

Case Study


Pella was facing stagnating growth and eroding share despite increasing their marketing spend by 15% three years in a row. They were also dealing with an aging customer base, a complex suite of products, and heavy spending competitors. Pella needed to stop focusing on channels, and start planning around audiences.


Using Pella’s first-party data and GALE’s own database of 275 million households, we created unique plans for 40 markets. We developed hyper-accurate audience propensity models paired with relevant, localized messaging across all channels including digital, DM, DTV, print and OOH. In our first year we were able to decrease media spend by 18% while driving 11% sales growth.

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Various email advertisements for Pella


Pella has over 150 patents and counting. That’s just one of the stories we tell across all channels including email and CRM.

A smartphone displaying a Pella advertisement.

Hyper-localized Messaging to Drive Relevance at Scale

On any given day some people can be experiencing either extreme heat or extreme cold. This difference in weather is just one of the ways we have to tailor our messaging to different audiences.

An outdoor billboard advertisement with the tagline "Omaha Keep it Cozy" featuring a living room with windows.Various yellow boxes are scattered with black text stating a different city in each box.Pella advertising mailersA satellite view of a city with a yellow outline around a certain city block.
An outdoor billboard advertisement with the tagline "Omaha Keep it Cozy" featuring a living room with windows.

Ultra High End High Networth Mailer

To make an impact in an upscale neighborhood, we created a custom high end piece to highlight the Pella wood windows that would meet the strict architecture standards of the neighborhood’s review committee. The branch met their annual goal with one job and now our other markets want in.

Brochures featuring Pella advertisements.

A Window Into Series

Pella puts their products through the ringer to test the efficacy and value. We created a content series to pull back the curtain on their extreme testing of glass, sealants, thermal efficiency and everything in between.

Yellow outlined square on a white background with black text, "A window into our testing."