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A red BMW SUV ascending a winding road, surrounded by trees and rocks in the background.

Drove growth in a crowded luxury market

Case Study


The luxury vehicle market is extremely competitive, and consumers are bombarded with communications from every major brand. To stand out, BMW asked us to help rebuild their CRM program from the ground up. Our job was to entice new prospects, convert them to owners, and keep them engaged and in the BMW family.


We started by creating a series of tailored customer journeys and a library of compelling content to be delivered via email and direct mail. Based on how people interacted, we paired them with the right vehicles and incentives to drive them to a decision. The system was continually optimized to get more efficient the more it was used.

BMW video








various artwork with human face elements arranged diagonally

From massive vehicle launches to seasonal sales, we designed, developed and deployed email, display campaigns and landing pages to capture leads and drive sales.

advertisement for a blue BMW  3 Series SUVadvertisement for a black BMW X7 SUVadvertisement for an orange BMW i8 sportscaradvertisement for a sliver BMW 8 Series sedan

Story and Motion

Cinemagraphs, videos and motion design made all communications more elegant and effective.

BMW workers around a white BMW SUV with the tagline, ""Embark on an American adventure" showcasing the SUV's journey from Spartanburg, SC, to the LA Auto ShowWhite BMW SUV driving through a dirt track flying by other cars participating in a demolition derby, with taglines "Advanced suspension helped us conquer a demolition derby" and "Chattanooga, TN" at the bottom.White BMW SUV driving through a body of water with "Tuscumbia, AL" at the bottomWhite BMW SUV on top of a barge ship with waves rippling as it sails by, and "Memphis, TN" at the bottom.White BMW SUV on a football field surrounded by football players with "Nazareth, TX" at the bottom.Overhead shot of a white BMW SUV following a tractor in the middle of a cornfield, with "Dimmitt, TX" at the bottom, and a white BMW SUV driving past three cowboys riding horses with "Magdalena, NM" at the bottom.White BMW SUV parked next to a cactus tree in Joshua Tree, CA, and driving through the streets of Los Angeles, CA, before its grand debut at the LA Auto Show. "Start your Journey" within a black box.

Each new vehicle had a dedicated, targeted stream of communication to match potential drivers with the features that would move them the most.

BMW advertising packet