Alchemy is our Gartner-ranked Customer Data Platform (CDP) that rapidly organizes a brand’s first-party data including a customer’s transactions, interactions, and behaviors. We can also enrich this information with third-party content like location and census data to develop a more robust customer view. This data (because everyone has data) provides marketers with a 360-degree view that can be used to speak to customers in the most relevant way. Alchemy Privacy Policy

For CMOs

  • Target with precision to better understand your customers
  • Deliver relevant experiences and measurable results
  • Get actionable insights and tactical strategies to increase lifetime value and reduce churn

For Marketing Analysts

  • Get a unified platform that collects and enriches a brand’s first-party data
  • Create a persistent cross-channel customer view that powers personalized offers and messages
  • Identify strategies to achieve efficient and effective inventory management

For CIOs

  • Drive transformation while staying focused on important BI projects
  • Get a non-intrusive solution that can ingest data from existing data sources
  • Create an operational marketing database that structures customer data longitudinally to reveal a customer’s journey

ask gale

ASK GALE is our consumer research capability. When clients want to measure or understand customer behavior that isn’t tracked or apparent in their own data, custom research from ASK GALE can fill in the critical gaps.

Enrich first-party data with customer surveys to capture key variables like demographics, perceptions/attitudes, needs, interests, etc.
Reach a network of third-party survey panelists, ask specific questions and make decisions with confidence.
Combine both qualitative and quantitative research to understand the drivers and barriers to behaviors you want to change.