Meet Alchemy

ALCHEMY is an AI-powered business intelligence platform that helps marketers impact the bottom line.

A robust and customizable data layer

Alchemy uses an identity graph to connect thousands of data points to 250 million Americans in an ISO 27001-certified secure data environment.
Each client gets a customized instance that connects in customer transaction or engagement data. Our ASK GALE research team fills in any missing attributes with scaled surveys.

A suite of applications that accelerate exploration

We're continuously building algorithms and automation scripts to analyze data and help strategists segment consumers, choose the best tactics, and optimize media performance.

A tool to measure investment performance

We aggregate data across platforms and sync it with your business performance data to measure the effectiveness of your investments.

Alchemy's apps unlock effective strategies

Learn how Alchemy’s capabilities can help your business.

Lookalike Prospect Audiences

Focus your media spending on more consumers who look like your current best customers.

Customer Clusters

Find patterns in your customers' behaviors that lead to growth opportunities. 

Creative Content Coder

AI models identify topics, tones of voice and visuals that drive high engagement so they can be woven into future work. 

Newsroom Newsfeed

Surfaces fast-moving trends in social, news and entertainment to help brands spot opportunities to earn relevant media exposure.

Media Optimizer

Automate campaign set-up to accelerate time to launch and streamline data flows into measurement tools.and their families.