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Chipotle spread with a wrapped burrito, a burrito bowl, a tray of meat-filled quesadillas, and an array of toppings and dips.

Built one of the fastest growing loyalty programs in history

Case Study


In our first year, we helped Chipotle Rewards skyrocket from 8 to 18 million members. Our year two mission was to accelerate Chipotle’s transformation to a digital business.  We needed to evolve and innovate the CRM and Loyalty program and in the process acquire even more members and drive digital ordering.


We started with an extensive re-design of the loyalty program itself — we wanted to get more people more rewards, more often. We opened the Rewards Exchange, a store to let members redeem points for food and gear and even offered the opportunity to donate points to charities. Members could also start earning “Extras” — badges that helped both reward and incentivize behavior like digital ordering, multiple visits to the same restaurant, or participation in a special event like the famous Boorito.

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8 32M






Radical Relevancy

As our data and customer understanding grew deeper and more specific, it led to more custom journeys triggered by their behavior, allowing us to predict when someone was starting to slip from their normal habits.

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“Thank You” from our farmers

We want to connect Rewards members with the people and places that grow their food. So, if we know you’re a big fan of guacamole, queso or even brown beans, you’ll get a message directly from a farmer just to say “thanks.”

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To celebrate a member’s yearly anniversary, they got a detailed recap of their favorite dish, whether they liked it spicy or mild and even how they compared to the rest of their state.


If you order the exact same thing, at the exact same time, you have a Chipotle Doppelgänger.  Both of you will receive an email telling you which city the other is in as well as the particulars of your orders.

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