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A cheerful couple, one with a glucose monitor patch, happily cooking together in a kitchen.

Made FreeStyle Libre the top prescribed continuous glucose monitor

Case Study


There are 37.3 million people in the diabetes community, yet less than 1% are prescribed Continuous Glucose Monitors. Abbott’s direct competitor was not only more recognizable, but outspending them from a media perspective. So, we needed a different approach to reach people with diabetes where their competitor wasn’t investing.


Abbott tasked GALE to innovate within the digital space to create a deeper connection with their audience. Through social listening, we found that people with diabetes wanted to hear from a trusted source — other people with diabetes. We created an always-on social approach featuring real FreeStyle Libre users designed to create a genuine and deep emotional connection to people with diabetes.

Smartphone displaying Freestyle Libre's glucose monitor app with a patch and black text "Most Advanced" and "And Affordable".
Background image of a woman smiling with eyes closed, with white text overlay saying, "Dia-bunked with Alysse Dalessandro."


We searched nationwide for unique stories that would captivate and inspire our audience. Musicians, comedians, and athletes shared how the FreeStyle Libre systems helped them continue to do the things they love.

A woman with a glucose monitor patch on her left arm looks at her smartphone while preparing food in her kitchen.A woman with a glucose monitor patch on her left arm prepares food in her kitchen.


The diabetes care space is traditionally portrayed through stock photography that people can’t emotionally connect with – and lots of product placement. We introduced lifestyle photography that felt candid and flatlays that were aesthetically pleasing within our audience’s social media feeds to innovate this space.

A laptop, tablet and smartphone display various Freestyle Libre screenshots.
A medicine cabinet displays various items, with a hand picking up a medicine box branded with Abbott Freestyle Libre.Hands playing a blue gaming controller, a yellow mouse on a yellow mousepad, a smartphone displaying Freestyle Libre's app, and blue headphones.


In 2022, paid social became the #2 sales driver for FreeStyle Libre systems — surpassing broadcast and traditional advertising methods. These sales results made FreeStyle Libre systems the top prescribed CGM over all competitors, but most importantly, it gave more people with diabetes the access to live-saving technology.

Two rows of four individuals each, featuring diverse headshots against different backgrounds.