February 11, 2021

Winston Binch on The BeanCast Podcast

Last week, our Chief Brand & Experience Officer Winston Binch participated in a panel discussion on The BeanCast.


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Last week, our Chief Brand & Experience Officer Winston Binch participated in a panel discussion on The BeanCast, a weekly roundtable podcast focused on marketing and advertising, alongside The Idea Integration Co. Founder Saul Colt, GRK Fresh Greek Chief Marketing & Brand Officer Jonathan Sackett, and host Bob Knorpp.

The episode covered what marketers should be learning from the GameStop stock controversy, Apple’s introduction of iOS 14 and its ID for advertising (IDFA) permission feature, the potential marketing opportunities of Clubhouse, and the possible renaissance of startup agencies. Here are a few of Winston’s highlights:

There’s a big takeaway in terms of the power of brand and the power of the consumer from the GameStop fiasco. Keith Gill, who drove the Reddit mania, believed in the brand of GameStop and its ability to innovate. What resulted was an opportunity for consumers to test and apply their purchasing power.

On Apple and Tim Cook’s criticism of the privacy practices of other big tech companies, and positioning itself as a friend to the consumer: This is another example of Apple’s great marketing. Moves like this are going to get people to think differently about the platform. But even with these issues, Facebook is still the most powerful ad platform ever created.

From a mayoral candidate virtual dinner party to outdoor enthusiast conversations to 1:1 interviews, Clubhouse is like interactive talk radio. The possibilities of using audio from a storytelling perspective are intriguing, and it’s going to make sense for some brands to get involved.

Are we in the middle of a renaissance for small agencies? No, it’s still a people business. People want to align themselves with the best talent, and work with those they trust. Additionally, there’s a returned desire for integrated solutions. People still want great creative, but strategy and data are really critical, too. Being able to be a one-stop shop is coming back.