October 8, 2020

The News, Explained: Google to Eliminate Third-Party Cookies, Pt. 3

As we close out this first series on the phasing out of third-party cookies, we turn the attention inward: How does GALE help brands to reach their customers with addressable communications?

Michael Tayag

Marketing & Ad Tech Delivery

We believe first-party data is the new silver bullet, and we work with our clients on first-party data strategies. This is more than just brands asking for customer information. We believe brands must first gain their customers’ trust in order for customers to give the brand their PII. Once they have that, brands need to determine how to reward those customers by giving them engaging experiences that are relevant to their interests and needs.

The reality is there is no perfect answer, and for brands to get results from marketing, they’re going to need to work with a new type of partner — not your typical agency partner who only understands how to engage customers with creative. Brands need to work with a next-generation business agency like GALE that:

  • Knows how to capture customer data including behaviors and interests
  • Can combine creative design and customer data to develop engaging communication strategies
  • Understands the martech and ad-tech landscape to find and communicate to their customers with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time

Because, it looks like that’s the way the cookie crumbles in 2022, and beyond.