The Pandemic’s Impact on Gen Zers: Delayed Milestones and an Uncertain Future

In the wake of the pandemic and with ongoing macroeconomic instability, Gen Zers are facing unprecedented headwinds. GALE, a leading business agency, fielded a recent survey with 1,000 US-based Gen Zers and Millennials and found that difficult economic times have significantly delayed timelines for “big life milestones” like buying homes, earning a degree, or having children.

Many Gen Zers are experiencing daunting financial constraints that are preventing them from pursuing their dreams of homeownership and starting a family. The survey revealed that 74% of Gen Z would delay plans for having children, and nearly 90% said their goal of owning a starter home had been impacted. 85% of Gen Z admitted they've changed their higher education goals with 44% indicating they’d delay university attendance. And with both Gen Zers and Millennials expecting the average future retirement age to fall to 60 years, 1 in 6 fear they won't be able to afford retirement at all.

An uncertain future has forced Gen Zers across America to make difficult decisions about the timing of big milestones in their lives, changing our society as we know it today.

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