Is This Thing On? Ep 4 This Thurs with Discovery Inc. Global CMO Pato Spagnoletto

From aspiring rockstar to global marketing leader, Discovery Global CMO Patrizio Spagnoletto teamsup with our President of Content & Managing Director ShannonPruitt,on the upcoming fourth episode of “Is This Thing On?” to dish on some of the greatest  — and simplest  — lessons from their professional journeys,spanning brand marketing, digital media, entertainment and more. Tune in on Thursday, July 29, to listen! Here’s a look at some of our favorite highlights from the episode: 

Trust in the process. Whether it’s around media planning or, CRM — the stuff that nobody really gets excited about — those are the things that make a difference. Because if you don’t have that plumbingin place, it doesn’t matter.  

Focus on your internal narrative. Your inner voice shapes so much of how you carry yourself in what you do, and it’s so important to keep a positive disposition.

Always be a beginner at something. Being able to think about other things feeds your professional and your personal self,and makes you a better professional leader and a more interesting person. If you are interested, then you are interesting. 

Ask, “If it was simple, how would you do it?” We complicate things so quickly and easily, but you’ll be surprised to find the answer is there if you ask this, instead of trying to solve for so many factors that aren’t necessary.  

Always be nice to the assistant. -- Wwe are all people. Show up with kindness, and thoughtfulness and optimism, be a good person, and then you will find your way no matter what.