Is This Thing On? Ep 3 Preview with Truth Initiative’s Eric Asche

From “Body Bags” to “#CATmaggedon,”, ever wondered how the Truth Initiative has stayed creative for so long? Mark your calendars for the upcoming episode of “Is This Thing On?” this Thursday, in which GALE Head of Integrated Strategy and Assembly President Michael Fanuele sits down – in person! – with Truth’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Eric Asche. Here’s a look at some of our favorite highlights from the episode:

Advertising and social good can coexist.: You don't need to be in a not-for-profit world or a social good world to look at marketing as a tool that can leave people better than it found them.

Data-driven performance marketing enables relevancy.: Tthe integration of media thinking and creative thinking fueled by data, and yes, fueled by whimsy, drives relevancy.  

We are best when we are at eye-level with the audience. One way to ensure this is to understand the decisions they're making and try to put that into the context of, there's a method behind that decision.