Introducing GALE’s New Audio Series, “Is This Thing On?”

We’re proud to debut “Is This Thing On?”, a new audio series exploring marketing, life and random thoughts with business leaders from around the globe. In our inaugural episode, our CEO Brad Simms chats with Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, examining the value of integrated marketing, why it’s important to lead with business conversations first, and the different layers of diversity and inclusion. Here’s a look at some highlights from the upcoming episode:

Is TV at its “Blockbuster moment”? Industries either innovate, or they die at this very specific spot.

Content is still how you get eyeballs. The rumors of television’s death are greatly exaggerated. There’s more quality content produced and consumed than ever before. It’s just a really different monetization model.

Traditional vs. modern marketers: Think of traditional marketing and traditional executives as very competitive corporate athletes. Modern marketing is much more like mixed martial arts: it’s hand-to-hand, you go between style to style. You’re going to do whatever it takes to win. It’s not super linear.

This is an inflection point for agencies. In this environment where competition is so hard and the climate is so uncertain, there is an opportunity for agencies who are willing to be true business partners and practice their discipline of communications.

Belonging should be the outcome of diversity, equity and inclusion. It is about diversity of thought and diversity of thinkers both from a technical specialty standpoint, but also from lived experiences.

MilkPEP, an organization funded by the nation’s milk companies, recently appointed GALE to lead all of its marketing efforts. This week, GALE launched “You’re Gonna Need Milk for That,” a new campaign that repositions milk as the original sports drink. “The Wall,” a two-minute film creative directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin, features competitive sport climber Kai Lightner scaling a 30-story building. The stunt spotlights milk’s performance-fueling power.