April 27, 2023

How GALE Rebranded Got Milk for a New Generation

As a business agency, GALE has worked with some of the world's biggest brands to help them rebrand and connect with new audiences. One such success story is our work with MilkPEP, the organization behind the iconic "Got Milk?" campaign. In a recent interview with Adweek, GALE CEO and President, Brad Simms, talked about how GALE helped rebrand "Got Milk?" for a new generation.


A Business Agency

When the national milk processors’ organization MilkPEP and the agency GALE embarked on the challenge of repositioning milk for a new generation—and during a global pandemic, no less—they knew they needed to think differently than their “Got Milk?” predecessors.

“Got Milk?” is one of the most effective advertising campaigns in American history. It was clever. It was trendy. It was omnipresent. Most of all, it was memorable. But “Got Milk?” debuted at a different time, for a different generation—before the internet, social media and data analytics changed the way marketers build brands and engage with consumers (and before a trip to the supermarket or coffee shop presented shoppers with an overwhelming number of plant-based milk choices). A 2020s refresh of that iconic campaign using the same marketing and advertising tactics, even if forged in the crucible of TikTok, would have been a strategic misstep.

Understanding this, MilkPEP (short for Milk Processor Education Program) and GALE made an important decision early on: Be prepared to learn and pivot. Measure, monitor and formally review progress. Commit to surrendering assumptions and revising both the grand vision and activation strategy in real-time. Mix humility with agility.

“Everyone wants to be more performance-marketing driven,” said Brad Simms, president and CEO of award-winning GALE. “But modern brand marketing is just as effective as performance marketing if you’re audience-focused, take the right optimization cues and move with pace

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