GALE’s Top 5 Most Read Posts in 2020

We covered everything from leading authentically through crisis to the election’s impact on media planning and the different stages of CX marketing in a pandemic holiday season.

Below, we rounded up our top five most popular posts — here’s a look at what readers enjoyed reading most this year on GALE Ideas:

1. How Brands Should Be Communicating in the New Normal: As the pandemic surged, readers came to GALE for insights on how they should be marketing (or not) during a sensitive time.

2. Business Insider Names Adrian Haldenby to Rising Stars List: People love good news! We were proud to share that Adrian, our director of data science, was named to Business Insider’s Rising Stars of Madison Avenue list of up-and-coming talent who are revolutionizing advertising in 2020.

3. Addressable Marketing 101: An Intro to Smart Communications: In April, we got back to basics and outlined key considerations for setting up a thoughtful addressable marketing program.

4. GALE Unveils Reopening Attitudes Report: Key Findings: As lockdowns lifted around the country, we released the findings of our study that gauged consumer sentiments around reopening plans in the wake of COVID-19.

5. The News, Explained: Google to Eliminate Third-Party Cookies, Pt. 1: When Google announced it would phase out support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser within two years, readers came to GALE for our series breakdown of what it all means — and its impact on advertising and marketing.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you back in 2021!

Happy Holidays

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