January 5, 2023

GALE Launches Advance Party, a New Practice to Unlock Innovation for Brands

GALE has launched an innovation practice to recenter the relationship with technology and platform partners on effective storytelling for clients.

GALE has launched an innovation practice to recenter the relationship with technology and platform partners on effective storytelling for clients.

The new practice, Advance Party, will work with technology and platform partners to leverage emerging products, innovative ad formats, and audience data and targeting. Led by recently appointed Chief Innovation Officer Ben James, Advance Party will act as a bridge within GALE to put these innovations at the heart of storytelling for clients.

Advance Party will address the current shortcomings in the industry where the relationship between partners and agencies has been reduced to CPMs. It will accelerate GALE’s proven track record of connecting emerging and innovative formats into its storytelling machine to drive growth for clients.

Over the past year, Advance Party has been unofficially activated across the GALE client base with clear results for clients stemming from the change in conversation. In July, GALE launched the first TikTok Hashtag Challenge + Branded Effect + Branded Mission in North America for Bomb Pop, leading to a 30% lift in sales making it their most successful Fourth July sales ever. For MilkPEP, GALE leveraged the latest in Snap’s Lens technology with users spending on average 3.5 minutes with the Lens.

“Advance Party marks a shift to effective storytelling, prompting a different discussion and responsibility for all stakeholders that will ultimately drive exponential growth for brands. Our aim is to cut through the noise and provide scalable solutions to existing and prospective clients,” James said.

“We have evaluated our work with more than 40 partners within Advance Party to ultimately move beyond the CPM conversation and RFP process. Through our renewed partnership focus, we have our finger on the pulse of upcoming alphas and betas, which enables the teams at GALE to incorporate new storytelling formats for their clients.”

“NBCUniversal has always valued collaborative partnerships that align with our commitment to create meaningful stories,” said Donna Kerin, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnerships. “Our ongoing partnership with the team at GALE for the launch of Advance Party not only helps bridge the gap between media stakeholders and creative visionaries, but also provides innovative solutions for brands – leading to stronger, more effective storytelling that will be more attractive to consumers while driving growth for marketers.”

“As we continue to grow our teams, build out departments, and integrate our services at GALE, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to provide clients with what they need to drive business. Advance Party reflects our commitment to finding modern ways to connect with evolving audiences and stay ahead of the industry,” GALE CEO and President Brad Simms said.

The launch of Advance Party is part of a larger commitment within Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW) on transforming media solutions through impactful technology to be announced throughout CES. Other announcements will come from the Stagwell Media Cloud and global omnichannel media shop Assembly.