GALE Introduces Monthly Cash Stipend to Offset Impact of Inflation

In a move to help offset the impact of inflation, we’re happy to announce that GALE has introduced a monthly cash stipend to employees earning $150,000 and under. The global company says that the measure is in response to real stories of crippling rent increases and food price hikes. The US-based employees will receive $US600, Canadian-based employees will receive CAN$800 and staff in India will receive ₹12,000 Rupee. This comes as part of GALE's continued focus on career development and creating a people-first approach since its foundation in 2014.

“While companies often claim to be people-first, it’s in these moments of potential hardship where we, as business leaders, have the opportunity to prove it. This is why GALE is investing $1 million USD through this stipend initiative to help our employees bridge inflation and reduce financial stress,” GALE CEO Brad Simms said.

The stipends will be paid out on a monthly basis and will continue until at least March 2023. Employees can use the money as they see fit, whether it's to cover rising costs of living or to invest in their own career growth. “It is something everyone is dealing with, and so we just felt like this was a good way to frankly take anxiety off people’s plates,” Simms said in an interview with Adweek. This is just one of the many ways that GALE is working to create a supportive environment for its employees around the world.