GALE ECD Geoff Edwards on the Transitioning Nature of the Ad Industry

GALE Executive Creative Director Geoff Edwards recently sat down with Simone Nobili from the Transatlantic Podcast for a great conversation about his career from being right out of college to the present, his views on the current-day advertising industry, how he unblocks his creativity and his role as 2022 London International Awards Jury President of Branded Entertainment.

Geoff and Simone discussed their viewpoints about how the 150-year-old advertising industry has been stuck in an antiquated model and how it’s in a transitional place where tech and innovation need to be embraced. Geoff shared that marketers are hoping for different storytelling and results, but using the same voices and ideas. “If you want the story to be different, you have to change the authors,” he emphasized.

For the full episode, watch below.