GALE Conceptualizes MilkPEP and Twitch Partnership Aimed at Gen Z

GALE partnered with MilkPEP and Twitch to conceptualize an experiential activation and act as a presenting sponsor at TwitchCon San Diego 2022. The partnership acted as a unique opportunity to tie-in MilkPEP’s mission of increasing milk’s position within the performance beverage category and connect with another target audience – Gen Z.

During TwitchCon, gamers competed head-to-head in a series of timed challenges that tested their reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and speed in a dynamic head-to-head competition. The crowned ‘fastest gamer at TwitchCon’ received a custom milk-themed trophy designed by Twitch Streamer and Partner, Christopher “cnotbusch” Notbusch.

“Gaming is a sport and gamers are athletes. They have leagues, get endorsement deals, and earn six-figure salaries. Performance is more than bench pressing 300lbs - it's speed, coordination, and mental acuity,” says GALE Creative Director Lindsey Brand. “As we build on our strategy to reposition milk as a performance drink, it was important for us to look through different lenses of “performance” and represent all types of sports.”

The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness of milk's nutritional benefits among the gaming community and to encourage consumers to choose milk as their beverage of choice. To do this, GALE used a mix of strategy, influencer engagement, creative, PR, media and experiential activation to reach gamers across social channels. By reaching gamers across multiple channels and engaging them in an immersive experience, MilkPEP is positioned to build strong relationships with this key audience.