GALE CEO and President Brad Simms on Recoupling Creative and Media

GALE stands out from the competition because they’ve cracked the conundrum of true integration. How do they do it? According to GALE’s President & CEO Brad Simms, it starts with whom you hire.

Simms recently sat down with Campaign US Editor, Alison Weissbrot, for an episode of the Campaign Chemistry podcast to discuss GALE’s evolution, exponential growth, people-first approach, and predictions for 2023.

Hailing from Canada in 2014 with their roots firmly planted in CRM & data, GALE has grown into an agency comprising various domains and disciplines, where veteran creatives and PR experts sit next to media strategists, innovation teams, and more.  

“When we started GALE, the idea was to be as smart as your management consultancy, yet as inventive as your creative agency, and bring that together under one roof. We had the idea to build something with a strong foundation in both business and storytelling. We're really passionate about helping businesses grow through the use of creative and integrated marketing,” Simms explained.

When building a team,GALE looks for people who believe in the agency’s core values and who want to work in an integrated and customer-centric manner. By focusing on hiring people with an aligned mindset, and who aren’t afraid to ask the question, “Does it still have to be done that way?” GALE is able to successfully bring together distinct domain teams to prioritize client business growth. In addition, GALE provides access to various professional development tools, such as business coaches, to ensure employees are supported and active participants in their careers.  

“It's all about great people, our culture, and our great clients. When you focus on those things, everything else falls into place.”

What’s to come in 2023? According to Simms, a redefinition of CRM to community relationship management, an increased focus by marketers on the purpose-driven Gen Z generation, and scalable implementation of NFTs and the blockchain.

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