Chipotle Hits 20M Rewards Members

Chipotle is one of the world’s most loved food brands, and, even in the challenging landscape of 2020, it was one of the rare businesses to grow its customer base on a significant scale. In 2020, their digital business increased by 174.1% to $2.8 billion. Today we’re congratulating them on yet another remarkable milestone: reaching 20 million Chipotle Rewards members!

Key to this growth has been their ability to capture first-party data to understand their customers from a 360 point of view: by understanding them on a granular level, like who’s guac-obsessed, who’s a burrito fiend, or who likes to mix up their order, these insights enable Chipotle to leverage its sophisticated and agile CRM system to deliver the right messages to the right customers, making each recipient feel known and valued. They’re a great example of what data-driven brand storytelling can do for your business.