April 24, 2024

Bomb Pop and GALE Unveil Extremeland, a Multisensory In-Person and Virtual Experience

The Extremeland activation was developed by GALE to celebrate the launch of Bomb Pop’s new product, Bomb Pop Extremes. The worlds created throughout Extremeland mirror the innovation of the ice pops, which start extreme and finish sweet, bringing the flavors to life in an immersive way.


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As part of the launch of its new product, Bomb Pop Extremes, Bomb Pop and GALE created Extremeland, a dynamic, multisensory experience at the American Dream Mall and on screens across the U.S. Extremeland brought to life the experience consumers enjoy when they take a bite of the new ice pop flavors – Blue Raspberry Freeze, Super Sour Strawberry, and Fire Cherry – which revolutionize the water-ice category by redefining what’s possible with a frozen treat.

The in-person event immersed mall-goers in all things Bomb Pop Extremes as visitors sampled the ice pop flavors while exploring each of the nine worlds within Extremeland. Popular influencer Zhong was on-site as they snapped photos among a pop-up Yeti in a raspberry-reminiscent igloo, a custom ball pit filled with pillows resembling ice cubes and strawberries, and a seven-foot innertube that rescued participants from a group of surfboarding cherries.

The mall activation was accompanied by an extensive social media campaign, including virtual worlds reflecting each flavor across YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat, where teens were transformed through animation as they tasted different pops.

“For the launch of Bomb Pop Extremes, we wanted to let people fully immerse themselves in the new sensations of Extremeland. The activation lets people experience the flavors through eyes, ears, touch, and, of course, tastebuds,” said GALE Creative Director Lindsey Brand.