March 31, 2022

Ask Women Anything with Director of Operations and General Manager Nitya Krishnamoorthy

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve launched “Ask Women Anything” – a miniseries where our female leaders answer a selection of relevant questions about careers in advertising and marketing.

Nitya Krishnamoorthy

Director of Operations and General Manager

Q. Who inspires you?

I take a lot of inspiration from Indra Nooyi. I like the way she has always kept a healthy balance in her professional and personal life. Her story of growth is very relatable, and I believe her idea of owning self-growth, perseverance and working hard towards what you wish to achieve can be a key mantra for each of us. I have had to make some tough choices through my professional career, and I have strived always for what I want and have not feared the challenges as they drive me to the goal. So her story and that of many others who have made a mark for themselves keep inspiring me, and I wish to be such an inspiration for many others in the future.

Q. How does being a mom in this industry affect you? What are the challenges? 

Being a mom brings in a different dimension to my thought process along with an ability to solve problems. I don’t look at issues as problems but as opportunities to move ahead similar to how I go through situations in my personal life, raising my children. We tend to attach ourselves emotionally to our work, as we do to our children and that sometimes becomes a challenge to let go and load balance. For me, my family and my work defines me, and I love each day going through the wins and challenges that make me stronger in both of these roles. 

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to get into advertising?

Constantly evolve yourself with the changes around you. With phenomenal growth in the market, including increased spend and digitization, it is important to constantly be abreast with the ever changing methods of user engagement and user behaviors. The other thing which I think is very important for us women is to build and connect to our network in the domain outside of work. This helps us build great perspectives and adds a ton of value to what we do.