January 24, 2022

Abandon Your Performance Marketing Strategy

It’s not a new take, but it’s still a hot one: performance marketing is rife with waste. From bots to bought followers, to absurd viewability measurements, the majority of impressions your marketing is finding online is fake. In our latest piece we share why you should abandon your performance marketing strategy.


A Business Agency

A recent study by the Marketing Science Consulting Group concluded what every other study from the last five years already has: the majority of impressions your marketing is finding online is fake. Bots, bought followers, and absurd viewability measurements conspire to waste your valuable investment.

But at GALE we’re less interested in throwing stones at the system. Our driving priority is to help your business grow. And we think we have a solution to the problem of “fake views”: make sure you know each and every single human who will engage with your marketing. Like, really know them. Don’t know their “persona” or what website they were visiting earlier that day; no, know their name, their history, their very particular passions and preferences.

First-party data should be the backbone of your marketing efforts. It’s not just the only way to avoid fraud and waste, but it’s the very best way to accomplish marketing’s most important job: building relevant connections with real, valuable prospects.

It’s how we’ve grown Chipotle’s loyalty program. We’re talking to you, Robbie Shimasaki, who orders extra guacamole on his Thursday afternoon burrito, hold the lettuce.

Creepy? Not if intentions are good and content is valuable. This kind of addressable marketing is a service to your consumers. At GALE we have a policy: at least 50% of all the marketing we do for our clients must be to addressable audiences, people we know.

So, we know that performance marketing is rife with waste. Now’s the time to take the next and only logical step - stop doing it. Working with media partners and platforms who tout behavior-based programmatic solutions might be a necessary evil for the time being, but we can bring them much better audiences than those based on profiles; we can bring them the real humans who will make all the difference to our businesses.