August 26, 2021

7 Questions with…Robert Aeder, Dir. of MarTech & Strategy

People are telling brands a ton, but are the brands always listening? We loved learning more about our Director of MarTech & Strategy @Robert Aeder — and his love for data — in the newest “7 Questions with…


A Business Agency

Q. You joined in the middle of the pandemic! Can you tell us about your role asDirector of Marketing Technology & Strategy? How’s it going?

The way we work has changed, and so has the way we start these new journeys!  I’m enjoying this new role immensely; I get to play the role of translator, bridging how people view the future of how they relate to their customers and what that means for the technologies that make it happen. Central to being able to do that is GALE’s own Customer Data Platform,Alchemy, which allows us to bring immediate value with our outstanding team of data scientists. 

Q. What’s the piece of emerging MarTech you’re most excited about?

I’m ready to rock the ‘no-code’ revolution and look forward to seeing how it will help those without traditional technology skills have an opportunity to get their hands dirty in the MarTech space. 

Q. In your role, what’s the top way you see brands missing out on marketing opportunities?

I hate seeing brands miss out on data they could be using to reach their audiences better with more relevant messaging. People are telling brands a ton,but are the brands always listening? 

Q. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to get into digital marketing?

Find companies you admire for what they’re doing in the space…and learn from them. Find companies who are messing up royally…and learn from them. 

Q. What do you think sets GALE apart from other companies?  

It’s our people, it’s our analytics culture,it’s our respect for data and how we can use it to make ourselves and our partners better every day. 

Q. When you’re not at work, you’re… 

Out for a run, plotting my next vacation, or brewing a nice cup of coffee on my Chemex. 

Q. Who or what inspires you?  

My kids…I never truly understood creativity and pushing limits until I lived with a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old.