May 13, 2021

7 Questions with…Executive Producer Tessa Banks


A Business Agency

Q. Welcome to GALE! Can you tell us about your role as Executive Producer?

I was brought on to help build out the internal Creative Production team for GALE. I produce any creative content work that comes down the pipeline and provide production oversight for all clients.

Q. What do you think is necessary for creative content to succeed today? 

We’ll all need to get uncomfortable. We can’t push creative boundaries if we always play within the parameters that are considered standard. Remember when brands didn’t want to spend money on digital content? We need to have that feeling again.

Q. Are there any new technologies or platforms in the realm of production that you’re excited about? 

I’m excited to push the boundaries of what commercial content looks like. It’s not just TV commercials with edits for social anymore.

Q. What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing a career in production?

Remember that being a producer isn’t just about producing the work, it’s about producing the experience. When the path to making the work is amazing, the work is even more amazing.

Q. What do you think sets GALE apart from other companies?

They understand the best way to serve clients is to care about the company as a whole. It’s not just about creating one TV commercial, it’s about making work that works for the client and moves the consumer. For GALE, Strategy and Creative are two peas in a proverbial pod.

Q. When you’re not at work, you’re…

Writing comedy scripts, lifting weights, and exploring/traveling (in non-COVID times!)

Q. Who or what inspires you? 

Who? My family, friends, and studying what makes things tick. What? Creating. In every sense of the word.