7 Questions with… Damien Lecocq, Associate Design Director

GALE’s accomplished Associate Design Director Damien Lecocq started his career in Europe working on global and country-specific projects. Now at GALE, he’s been leading design direction for campaigns such as MilkPEP’s 26.2 Initiative and more.

1. What brought you to GALE?

People. I was looking for my next career move, and I focused my search on culture.

2. What is the difference between working with U.S. vs. European brands?

Global vs. Local. In Europe you often work for country-specific brands. Given the size of the U.S. and its diversity, your message needs to be more local. Even here at GALE, we take pride in delivering highly customizable communications for our different target audiences.

3. You’ve worked with a long list of global brands, what’s one campaign that you are most proud of and why?

My current work with MilkPEP – working on changing the narrative of milk being a sports drink has been the most challenging and interesting so far. This gave us the opportunity to explore territories that other brands leave behind and support meaningful causes, like our recent 26.2 campaign, which sponsored every female marathon runner.

4. How has your role evolved in recent years?

I have been lucky to work on many different projects from digital to more traditional, and never feel like I’m doing the same assignment twice. Today the challenge is to take on more of a management role within those projects.

5. How does a Design Director collaborate within an integrated agency?

Flexibility. The key is to understand each department’s needs and to translate that into flexible design systems or art direction.

6. What trends are you seeing in the creative space for 2023?

A.I. is on everyone’s mind today, the possibilities seem endless. I am curious to see all the creative applications in the near future.

7. What are you most excited about coming into 2023?

Probably a trip to the Philippines with my family.